Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tap dancing Batman, Spiderman, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, etc.

Today, I went to the dance recital for the lovely daughter of some friends of mine.  It was a long recital--almost 4 hours (with a break).  Anyway, it was delightful.  It started with 4 year old dancing bumble bees (adorable), and went through many different ages and styles of dancing.  My friend's daughter was a dog dancing to a very jazzy song (can't remember the title. 

One thing that, for some reason, got me thinking about tap dancing was a wonderful routine danced by young adults dressed in super-hero and super-villain costumes.  It was perfectly danced and I was amazed that Batman could dance so with with a cape.  In the end, the heroes put a rope around the group of villains and they tapped off of the stage to great applause and laughter.
I know that tap dancing wouldn't make everyone dance for joy, but it was a great part of the recital.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll dance as Cat Woman some day.

Music and dance--to someone who sometimes feel she has forgotten how--is so great for the soul.

Bucket list entries 27 and 28

27.  Take a ride in a seaplane.
28.  Take Tap Dancing lessons
29.  Take hip hop (looks a little less dangerous than ballet).

Okay, that was 29 on the bucket list.  So many things to do, so little time.