Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Girl, Sirrah!

Our Girl, Sirrah!
Written by Patti White

Your ears point forward, your tail waves happily back and forth as you poke your nose
through a space in the fence.

I only got to know you for 3 weeks
And I could never leave for a walk with you without my camera.
You took my breath away
And put me under a spell, where I didn't dare miss anything--at least that's what I was afraid of.

It seems you sailed over a fence, effortlessly.
I don't know where you are for a little while then see you run up to me, as if to check where I am just as
much as I'm looking for you.

I see you, now, at the side of a handsome, dark-haired gentleman.
He's on his knees and cuddling you around the neck the way I always loved to do.
He died before he got to meet you, but now, I do believe you're together.
Your mouths are both open in joy as you both collapse in the grass.
You roll onto your back, exposing your tummy and he rubs it, the way you loved it
when we all did.

You watch over your whole family from your place just above the house.
Nothing, no dog, can take your place in their hearts or mine.

In your short life, you took care of all of us
And I'll remember your gentle, soulful eyes and ways both playful and graceful.
Thank you, Sirrah, for being more than man's best friend!