Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter in White Rock and the Coast

White Rock is a four season municipality.  While busier in the summer to the point, sometimes, of being over-crowded, Marine Drive is a special attraction even in the winter. Being on the White Rock beach in the winter, you see how hardy people are.  Storms whoop up a great fuss in the ocean with large waves and rain.  While not as popular for storm-watching as Tofino, people of all ages layer their winter clothes and head out.  Even with the wind whipping their raincoats, the moist air causing zippers to be pulled higher and scarves wrapping around necks, people love to go to the pier.  The best place is at the end of the pier. 

It's almost like a game as the waves defy the breakwater sometimes and spray the people who insist on staying where it's windier. 

Seagulls fight against the wind, seeming to hover in space, flapping wings with amazing strength through the relentless gusts.  There is a kinship between walkers as everyone who comes out is celebrating the noise of the wind whaling, seagulls crying, and the size of waves.