Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tap dancing Batman, Spiderman, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, etc.

Today, I went to the dance recital for the lovely daughter of some friends of mine.  It was a long recital--almost 4 hours (with a break).  Anyway, it was delightful.  It started with 4 year old dancing bumble bees (adorable), and went through many different ages and styles of dancing.  My friend's daughter was a dog dancing to a very jazzy song (can't remember the title. 

One thing that, for some reason, got me thinking about tap dancing was a wonderful routine danced by young adults dressed in super-hero and super-villain costumes.  It was perfectly danced and I was amazed that Batman could dance so with with a cape.  In the end, the heroes put a rope around the group of villains and they tapped off of the stage to great applause and laughter.
I know that tap dancing wouldn't make everyone dance for joy, but it was a great part of the recital.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll dance as Cat Woman some day.

Music and dance--to someone who sometimes feel she has forgotten how--is so great for the soul.

Bucket list entries 27 and 28

27.  Take a ride in a seaplane.
28.  Take Tap Dancing lessons
29.  Take hip hop (looks a little less dangerous than ballet).

Okay, that was 29 on the bucket list.  So many things to do, so little time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't Pick a Fight With Vancouver--You won't Win!

This past week, Vancouver has been beaten up and her spirit challenged.  She has suffered embarrassment and shame at the hands of thugs who bullied her with the excuse of Canuck's loss of the Stanley Cup. Mob mentality took over and tried to destroy Vancouver and everything she stood for.  Vancouver won.  maybe not the Stanley Cup but she won with her strength and beauty.  On Friday, I went downtown.  What I saw were boards filled with loving messages, people talking together who might not have met before.  I know I did!  Last week made me question my fellow humans but also reaffirmed my respect and love for the people of Vancouver!

I went from Georgia Street down Granville and found myself deeply moved.  Only 2 days before, I, like many other Vancouverites, found myself angered and saddened beyond belief.  I felt, after that, that I needed to see Vancouver again  the way I'd always seen her: majestic, busy, crazy, quirky, elegant...etc.  I walked through Stanley Park and found myself snapping pictures of the reasons why Vancouver is so loved.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Numbers 25 and 26 on Bucket List

25.  Learn to sign.
26.  Learn to sign my favourite songs while singing them!

Friday, February 18, 2011

From Surrey to Delta

From Surrey to Delta

By Patti Anne White
February 19, 2011

Friday night


I'm bouncing along in the little shuttle bus,

Which threatens to shuttle my ass and brains through the roof

With every little bump.

From Surrey to Delta Part 2

Apart from the jiggly ride,

I look out, tonight,

At the silhouette of the mountains, and the ocean of sky above it,

Islands of light cloud lit up by the lowering sun.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wondering What's Beyond across the horizon? (or bookshelf).

If anyone had told me two years ago that I would be feeling the joy of living again, I would've been either really pissed off at you or burst into tears. Now, I'm discovering and re-discovering, singing with less inhibition, and realizing, once again, how much I love learning.

I was shelving books the other day at the Surrey campus of Kwantlen University when I thought, "darn, why do I have so many interests?"  It's a good thing to have lots of interests, but, like a child, everytime I went to a different area in the stacks, it may as well have been a candy store.  As I was at work, I couldn't read the books, just shelve and shift them, but I couldn't wait for my first research assignment since starting university to take out materials that would help me with that research.  Now what topic?  Hmmm.