Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little Roo

This isn't in Vancouver, but Adelaide, South Australia. I saw you across the room and fell madly in love with you. I thought at first you were a toy that a man had put in his napsack for his children. Then, your ears flickered and you moved your little head around, taking in all the sounds, smells, and sights of the bookstore. Hard to believe we were in a bookstore. I had only two days before I returned to Canada and once I held you, I teared up, not wanting to let you go. You were so beautiful and I wanted to hold you forever! I thought your hair would be course, but it felt amazingly soft.

 I wouldn't have been surprised if you were terrified. Once everyone realized that you were real, you were surrounded and you wanted to pull your head back into the backpack and baby blanket that had become your pouch. According to the man who'd become your full-time caregiver, your Mum died on the highway, leaving you much too young to venture out of the pouch. You needed her warmth but you had to make do with an artificial pouch. By now, you'll probably be almost full grown. I dearly hope you are safe and warm--and free! I pray you will not be a victim of cruelty and stupidity, but feel the love many felt for you while you were in captivity.  If you are still in captivity, I can only trust that those who are taking care of you will watch out for you while you discover the world.
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