Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Coastal Gloaming

Scotland has a famous song that is still sung today although I haven't heard it lately.  "Roamin' in the Gloamin'" speaks of the most beautiful time of the day. Twilight, or the gloaming, has always been one of my favourite parts of a day.  After I got off the bus in Ocean Park, the sun highlighted the many colours of the trees and flowers as if someone had suddenly decided that the green leaves had to be a bit more of a golden shade and the purple rhododendrons had to be more purple than they are during the day.  Tulips stood up, proudly, in many different colours even brighter than in the middle of the day.

I always love being near the ocean and today I didn't go down to the beach, but there's a view before the bus turns on Thrift Avenue in White Rock.  Sparkles of white appear like diamonds among the turquoise and blue of the water.  I've seen the sun go down many times on the beach and can well imagine the many who go down just to look at the sunset with the sun beams sprayed out between a few of the clouds just before the sun goes down.

I know that I must sound horribly saccharine right now and I know I'm about to go into a major cliche, but here it goes: always take time to smell and look at the flowers!  I used to hate that clliche but I'm amazed at the times where I"ve stood still like I've been struck by lightening taking in the early evening smells and colours.

Jason White with beautiful White Rock sunset. Two beautiful things! How lucky!

How easy it would be to say that your memory is distracting me from the future. It would be so easy to say "I can't do it anymore!" When you were alive, you pushed me to be the very best, giving me loving encouragement! You would never let me give up or play the victim card. You push me forward still, though I find myself with tears in my eyes from time to time. I made you a promise and I'm going to keep it, sweetheart! I told you I'd keep going even if it hurt! It was a promise that was difficult to keep, but keep it, I will!