Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't Pick a Fight With Vancouver--You won't Win!

This past week, Vancouver has been beaten up and her spirit challenged.  She has suffered embarrassment and shame at the hands of thugs who bullied her with the excuse of Canuck's loss of the Stanley Cup. Mob mentality took over and tried to destroy Vancouver and everything she stood for.  Vancouver won.  maybe not the Stanley Cup but she won with her strength and beauty.  On Friday, I went downtown.  What I saw were boards filled with loving messages, people talking together who might not have met before.  I know I did!  Last week made me question my fellow humans but also reaffirmed my respect and love for the people of Vancouver!

I went from Georgia Street down Granville and found myself deeply moved.  Only 2 days before, I, like many other Vancouverites, found myself angered and saddened beyond belief.  I felt, after that, that I needed to see Vancouver again  the way I'd always seen her: majestic, busy, crazy, quirky, elegant...etc.  I walked through Stanley Park and found myself snapping pictures of the reasons why Vancouver is so loved.