Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vancouver--Bloom off of the Rose?

I discovered something yesterday--while I still love Vancouver, I realized it couldn't always give to me!  That sounds selfish, I know, but I was hit with a heavy fit of depression and was thinking: why aren't you cheering me up, Vancouver? I was, and still will credit the city for inspiring good feelings in me; however, I know that I have to bring something to Vancouver as well!  It inspires me to write!  I need to write!  I can't wait for it to glow and inspire in order for me to write.  I need to do it!  I was expecting Vancouver to cure me of loneliness, grief, and hopelessness.

I don't know how many of you know Evita! (the musical), but there is a fabulous song in it when Eva Duarte-Peron is arriving for the first time in Buenos Aires and she sings how she's looking forward what it can give her.  She also talks, in a song before, that she wants to "B A part of BA Buenos Aires"!  While I have no intention of doing what Eva did to get to where she got (slept her way up to first lady of Argentina, I admired her spirit of putting herself out there!

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Dream On"

When does dreaming AND wishing end?
Does it ever?
To find the balance of dreaming and actual doing is what I dream most of.

"Dream On", many say in this society with sarcasm dripping like tar.
I could stop dreaming what I dream or I could take it as a dare.

Better yet, "Dream On" is a not-so-gentle nudge to balance dreaming and doing or to consistently work towards it.

City of Beauty-Two Poems

Busy city
Crowds, traffic, beauty.
(My attempt at Haiku).

Waterfalls and cement
Compatible--in a strange way.

Green grass topping Coal Harbour Centre,
People sunworshipping on top.

Skytrain flying over Vancouver
Burnaby, New Westminster, and Metrotown.

Views of ocean and mountains
...and industry.

Majesty and manufacturing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Stone Bridge

I want to fly free,
To learn to stand alone and fly alone,
To learn not to care what others think.

I want to fly free,
To learn love all over again,
For me...for others...maybe, someday....
Is already here!